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Individualized Fitness
Personal Training
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Real People Real Results
“Apex gave me my life back” -
Christine Parsons
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Stop Wasting Your Time
Stop wasting your time with traditional fitness methods that do not meet the unique one-of-a-kind needs of your body. Apex Fit’s personal training and custom workout programs utilize the world’s most advanced bio enhancement technology and methods to ensure you only do exercises perfect for your body
Our Proven Process
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We use the world’s most accurate and advanced technology and methods to clearly outline the exact needs of your one-of-a-kind body. Our Biometric assessments eliminate guesswork of the best path forward for results to ensure you don’t waste time doing exercise not right for your body.
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Our Bionetic neuromuscular assessment and strength training methods have been scientifically proven to get results better and faster than traditional exercise methods. With Bionetics you will see a drastic increase in flexibility, strength, and shape of your muscles as your joints get pulled into proper alignment.
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In order to manage something, you must be able to measure it. Apex Fit’s proprietary Result Management Tracking System tracks every effort of your exercise, sleep, daily activity, and nutrition and cross references with your starting data to clearly see the progress of your results.
Our Services
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Bionetic Personal Training
Our 1-on-1 and small group Bionetic Strength Training sessions have been scientifically proven over the last two decades with thousands of people to get clients results in: chronic pain relief, weight loss and body shaping, reverse aging and performance faster than traditional fitness methods. Every client experiences a drastic increase in their range of motion on their first session and improve throughout their training at Apex. Experience the same innovative methods that have been trusted and used by some of the world’s most elite organizations and professional. Most sessions are 30 minutes and start at $68 per session on our autopay program. Small group training sessions of 2 to 3 people start at $48 per session on our autopay program.
Studio Gym Membership
Our members enjoy going through their Apex Fit custom designed workout in a luxurious environment utilizing the world most biomechanically correct and advanced exercise equipment. Our members have access to schedule their workouts 24 hours a day. All members use both our biometric assessment technology and proprietary result tracking Apex Fit to ensure they stay on track to obtain their goal in the shortest amount of time. Apex Fit all inclusive memberships are $149 per month
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Med Spa
Our Apex Enhancement med spa, located inside of Apex Fit, brings the absolute best in laser hair removal and aesthetics. Our medical aesthetics experts are dedicated to bringing you safe, innovative, and effective treatments that can help you win the battle against the visible signs of aging. We offer a variety of fully customized treatment solutions. Click here to see our full Med Spa Offering (
Result Management
Apex Fit’s proprietary Result Management software tracks every repetition of every workout. That data is used to cross-reference with your biometric data to ensure your workout regimen has you on course to achieve your desired result. All aspects of your fitness and health can be tracked including your nutrition, sleep, and daily activity level. Your data is assessed and utilized by Apex Fit specialists to help guide you on your ultimate fitness journey. The result management service is included in all membership and personal training plans.
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Biometric Assessments
You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Without baseline biometric data, it’s impossible to determine the efficacy of your efforts in the gym. At Apex Fit, Biometric assessments are included in both your personal training and membership options. Our clients know exactly where they are on their result journey. Apex Fit uses the world's most advanced and accurate assessment technology in the world to remove the guesswork so that every ounce of effort is directed toward obtaining your result in the shortest amount of time.
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Apex Fit’s proprietary Bionetic strength training methods reconnect your brain to dormant muscle tissue to properly realign joints. This increases range of motion, eliminates pain, and prevents irregular wear and tear. Apex has used Bionetics to help thousands of people of all ages and walks of life to permanently eliminate pain, increase flexibility, enhance performance, transform cosmetic appearance, as well as slow the biological aging process of the body.
Joint Alignment Through Strength
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Our proprietary Golfnetic programming enhances the areas of your body you need the most for optimal golf performance. Golfnetics has been used by winners of every major golf tour in the world. The Golfnetics television show will be shot at Apex Fit’s Lake Nona location and will air on the Golf Channel in 2023.
Golf Enhancement Through the Body
“The methods of Apex Fit are the most revolutionary methods for enhancing your body that I’ve seen in over 30 years of practicing medicine.”
                                                                                   - Dr. David Wooding
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Apex Fit Unprecedented Results
Pain Relief
“Apex completely cured my chronic sciatic pain I struggled with for over 20 years. Apex gave me my life back.”
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-Christine Parsons
30-minute sessions 2 x’s per week
Body Shaping
“I lost 20lbs of fat, gained 9lbs of muscle, lost 2 inches off each thigh, and 4 inches in my waist in 77 days with Apex .”
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-Tami Bates
30-minute sessions 3 x’s per week
Reverse Aging
“Apex transformed my body, grew my bones and added functional years to my body, and I started at the age of 70.”
-Marie Vincent
30-minute sessions 3 x’s per week
“Apex has taken my power and speed to levels I didn’t know where possible.
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-Nathaniel Lowe
Texas Rangers
“Apex helped me recover from a debilitating back injury and took my golf performance to new levels.
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-Joseph Bramlett
PGA Tour Player
We’ve worked with members of the organizations listed below:
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1) Get your free consult/workout
Our 1-on-1 consult/workout walks you through the specific Apex Fit service options that are best for you to meet your goals. It also includes an introduction workout for you to experience the difference of our proprietary Bionetic Strength Training methods.
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2) Identity your body’s individual needs
Identify and understand the individual one-of-a-kind intricacies of your body by undergoing our in-depth assessments that clearly outline the most efficient path to your goal. Baseline data is documented so that it can be cross referenced later to mark specific progress points in the custom digital locker made for you.
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3) Begin you’re Apex Fit Journey
Begin your individualized fitness program in person or virtually with an Apex Fit specialist or follow your individualized Apex Fit Workout Blueprint on your own using our proprietary data tracking app and software. Apex Fit specialists will be with you every step of the way on your fitness journey.
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