Coming to the Golf Channel in 2023!
Coming to the Golf Channel in 2023!
Why You Need It

Golf enhancement through the body

If you want to swing like a pro your body must be able to move like one. Golfnetics is a fusion of golf analysis, golf fitness and golf instruction that shows you how to use your body better for golf. The average golfer increases their clubhead speed 6mph in their first Golfnetic visit. Our golf performance system has been proven to:

More Speed
More flexibility for golf
Eliminate pain
More Consistency
Better Ball Flight
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Golf Assessment

Understand clearly how your body is moving for golf

Unlike traditional medical weight loss practices that only look at bloodwork and weight, all Apex Fit medical weight loss clients get DEXA body composition and 3D body scans including bloodwork to use the most accurate technology in the world to accurately measure the enhancement changes that take place underneath your skin. Learn more in the video above.

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Golfnetic Analysis

Body Enhancement

Remove the physical limitations hindering you from optimal golf.

Golfnetic fitness programming removes and enhances the exact physical limitations hindering optimal golf performance. A customized program is derived based on the Golfnetic assessment that can be followed out with an Golfnetic certified fitness specialist at Apex Fit or on your own.

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Find Your Swing

Learn the right swing for your body

Our in house and network of Golfnetic certified instructors know how to help you find the most powerful, consistent and optimal way to swing a golf club based on your body’s unique physical capacity. Currently working with an instructor, you love? Our Golfnetic analysis report will help your current instructor understand your golf body better to instantly help them better instructor you.

"Golfnetics cured by chronic back pain and save my golf career."
Joseph Bramlett
PGA Tour
Golfnetics increased my flexibility for golf and distance.
Michael Allen
Golfnetics took my speed to new levels.
Maurice Allen
World Long Drive Champion
Golfnetics will take your golf game to the next level.
Sierra Brooks
LPGA Tour Hall of Fame


Golfnetic Assessment

*90 minutes
Golfnetics Swing Analysis
3D Biomechanical Analysis
Sam’s Putt Lab Putting Analysis

Golfnetic Lessons

*30 minutes
Certified Golfnetics Instructor
PGA Class A Instructor
Swing ang Putting Lessons Available

Golfnetic 12 Week Programs

$1,199 - $3,599
*90 minutes
$1,199 = 1 X Week 60-minute golf fitness sessions and 3 Golfnetic lessons
$2,399 = 2 X week 60-minute golf fitness sessions and 3 Golfnetic lessons
$3,599 = 2 X week 60-minute golf fitness sessions and 3 Golfnetic lessons

Meet Golfnetics Creator Randall Hunt

Randall is a class A PGA professional that has won and competed in professional tournaments around the world. Randall used his Golfnetics creation to help some of the world’s highest ranked players on the PGA Tour take their golf games to the next level including Jason Day, Michael Allen and Rory Sabbatini. His Golfnetics creation over the last two decades has helped thousands of golfers around the world overcome the physical limitations hindering their golf performance to take their games to levels they never imagined.

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Book your Golfnetic Assessment and start playing better golf today

Price is $299

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How to get Started

1) Get your free consult/workout

Tour the facility and experience the unique Apex Fit strength training methods firsthand.

2) Select the plan right for you

Selected the plan that works best for your goals, lifestyle, budget and commitment level.

3) Begin you’re Apex Fit Journey

Begin your Apex Fit result journey!


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