Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy
Why You Need It

Restore Your Body

Over the course of our lives stress trauma and overuse hinder the connection the connection between our brain and muscle fibers creating muscle imbalances. These imbalances misalign joints causing irregular wear and tear, reduced flexibility, inflammation and chronic pain. Apex Fit uses unique and proprietary Bionetic methods to identify the muscles creating imbalance and restore the connection with the brain to:

Prevent Disease
Lose fat and gain muscle
Enhance Brain Function
Improve Sex Drive and Function
Restore Skin and Hair growth
Improve Sleep
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The Apex Difference

Complete Body Management

Unlike traditional hormone therapy practices that only look at bloodwork and weight, all Apex Fit hormone clients get DEXA body composition and 3D body scans included to bloodwork to use the most accurate technology in the world to accurately measure the enhancement changes that take place underneath your skin.

Lightening Fast Bloodwork Results

We draw bloodwork labs in our facility and get results usually in 24 hours

Complete Your Optimization

Custom Programs Available

Optimize your metabolic enhancement experience with a custom nutrition and workout program designed to meet the EXACT metabolic needs of your body.


Custom Workouts designed for your body specific to your goals


Nutrition program designed for your unique in line with your metabolic needs


Our specialists track, manage and coach your progress

Begin Your Better Health Journey and schedule your consultation today!

Price is $250

*incudes bloodwork